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2012.07 & 08


Citywalk Cheerleading Competition and Workshops



Citywalk invited CFHK to help to organize a Cheerleading invitation event on Aug 26, 2012. In order to promote cheerleading in line with the taking place of London Olympic Games, Citywalk also arrange a series of Cheerleading workshops from July 28 to Aug 26, 2012 (Every Sat. except the last week will be on Sunday, from 4pm - 5pm and 5:30pm - 6:30pm) for all passing by shoppers. Interested parties are welcome to join.  

為配合倫敦奧運會,荃新天地特別邀請本會協辦啦啦隊比賽及工作坊。啦啦隊邀請賽將於8月26日下午2:30-4:30假荃新天地一期舉行,另外荃新天地亦特別由7月28至8月26日期間每逢週六(除最後一週為週日, 時間下午4:00-5:00及5:30-6:30)舉辦5次的啦啦隊的工作坊,並由本會教練任教,兩項活動均歡迎有興趣隊伍及人士參加。


Click here to download the information and enrollment form for the competition



Cheerleading Performance by Yuen Long Merchants Association Kindergarten at the Opening Ceremony on July 15.





M. Francis Mak, BBS, MH, Founder of "Never Give up Junior", celebrities and Famous Athletes were invited to attend and perform for the opening ceremony. The Cheerleading Team of Yuen Long Merchants Association was also being invited to perform in the ceremony

Special thanks devoted to Principal Ms. Yau, teachers, coach and all little cheerleaders from Yuen Long Merchants Association Kindergarten


開幕禮特別邀請永不放棄同學仔創辦人,名電台主持人麥潤壽先生BBS,MH, 影視紅星馬國明, 著名香港運動員三項鐵人李致和, 健美冠軍鄭麗莎等出席接受訪問及表演。而本會邀請別邀請元朗商會幼稚園代表總會參與表演。




Photos taking for all cheerleader with all those Sponsors, Celebrities, Athletes and organizers 拍照留念!




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